Hello! My name is Kele (Kay-Lee) and I created this site to combine my two biggest loves; Drawing, and stuffed animals. The bear you see in most of the pictures is my gaurdian angel Star. A long time ago when I was in a bad place Star was gifted to me and ever since she hasn't left my side.


Whenever I am lost or feeling down I, through my drawings talk with her and ask her for advice. She has never given up on me and because of that I have never given up on myself nomatter how hard things have become and I try to pass that mindset onto everyone I meet. 


Its for this reason i believe everyone should have atleast one stuffed animal friend to help them through life. They help us through hard times, listen to us when no one else will, remind us to never stop trying and above all else they help us navigate through life's challenges reminding us never to give up on the things we love and value most. They help us discover who we are when its hard for us to discover on our own, remind to change for the better and they believe in us when we cant believe in ourselves.


The stigma that your age or gender should dictate weather or not you should be able to associate with stuffed animals is ridiculous so this site is specifically for adults of any gender who love teddies as much as I do and may even have an angel of there own. I hope this page reminds people that grownups can love there teddies to!

I update this site monthly so keep a lookout for new art!