About Me

I discoverd my love of drawing when I was 6 and when I was little always carried around a stuffed animal. As you would imagine I got some flack for being a boy with a teddybear, but it never bothered me since at the time that was the least of my problems. As someone who was never able to make friends as a child and grew up in poverty so never stayed in one school for very long it was always a relief to have some semblance of companionship and I think thats where my teddies always came through for me. During one particularly bad part of my life someone who was at the time very important to me gifted me Star and since then she has never left my side though it took her another 4 years before she finally told me her name! As I got older my two loves, drawing and stuffed animals began to merge into the art style i have today. Drawing to me is second only to Star, its sort of a hobbie, but its also a release, and a reminder of where I came from and how far Ive come. Its one of the two things in the world Id never give up.

Drawing and stuffed animals is something I have alot of fun with since they are a huge part of my life, and id like to give people the chance to see there best friend(s) realized as well! So if you would like to see your teddy or characters immortalized in my overly cutesy artstyle (probably influenced itself by my love of stuffed animals) Don't hesitate to get in contact with me! I look forward drawing for you! 

PS. Eventually Ill be selling stuffed animals I create as well as soon as I have a proccess for production down, look forward to that!

Kele's Teddies

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