Commission Process 

Overview : I will do my best to accommodate both you and myself so I have a proccess that helps with it. I normally do not deviate from it accept under extenuating circumstances 

Step 1

You tell me the teddy, character or idea you want drawn, and send the reference.

Step 2

I will do a rough sketch of the idea (possibly multiple sketches if you gave me artistic freedom to create the scene.)

Step 3

If you don't like the sketch we stop here, and you have a free sketch. (Note: If we stop here you can still try to commission later, but I will move on to the next person in line, and it will have to wait until i loop back around to you.)

Step 4

If you do like how the sketch is coming out then this is when I take payment. Once payment is received you can request any minor changes to the sketch that you might want. See Contact & Payment  section for payment options.

Step 5

At this point its just me finishing up. I will do my best to give you updates each step I finish. (Linework, Colored, and Completed)

Important Side Information


Because of step 3 and 4 I do not give refunds. It takes time to do sketches as it does with any drawing, and because I do the sketch before collecting payment, weather or not you continue you get a free drawing even if you don't like it, so If you continue past this point you must be 100% sure you want to have the picture finished.

Acceptable Reference


Photos of the Teddy you want drawn, Ref Sheets, Clear Other

Drawings of the Character(s), and Detailed Text Descriptions, For cartoonification of people or costumes photos are also acceptable.

Multiple Sketches

In the case of multiple sketches, if you would like to pay to have all of them colored I will only do 1 picture at a time. I will also only do the main drawing first, the others I will not do until I have gotten to anyone else in lines commission.

Step 4 and Minor Changes

Minor changes include things; like resizing a specific body parts slightly bigger or smaller, adding something small like an earring or tattoo, or minor pose changes like moving an arms position. ect.                                                                                       


At this point I can not do any large overhauls like; changing the entire character, redrawing the entire picture, or changing the entire pose.


(Note: its best to bring up the changes you want before you pay, that way i can tell you if i am able to do them before you have payed.)

What I will NOT draw                                                           

  • Plush Destruction

  • Gore

  • Propaganda


I reserve the right to change this list if i find or am asked to do anything else i cant stomach.

Note: in the event of multiple commission request from 1 person I will only work on 1 picture at a time, just in case life happens that keeps me from doing the others. I can finish the one i am working on for you and there is no conflict with the others.

Thank you again for considering requesting a commission from me! 

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